Donald Trump's security detail put its best fists forward in a confrontation with Latino protesters outside the Trump Tower Thursday, ripping away a protest sign and coldcocking a protester who tried to grab it back. When you watch this video, you may think you see a couple of assholes in suits assaulting a protester, but the average Trump voter will see an encouraging example of Making America Great Again.

While Trump was inside the hotel pledging to (wink-wink) definitely not run as an independent, protesters, some dressed in fake KKK costumes, carried a big banner reading "Trump: Make America Racist Again." One of Trump's goon squad -- who looks an awful lot like the same guy who deported Univision anchor Jorge Ramos from a Trump press conference -- ripped away the banner, and protester Efraín Galicia chased him, only to get punched in the face.

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A Trump spokesweasel told the New York Times that what you think you see on the video is very misleading:

The Trump campaign said that the security team member on Thursday was “jumped from behind” and that the campaign would “likely be pressing charges.” It did not say whether the security team member was the same man who walked Mr. Ramos out.

Yr Wonkette is checking rumors that the Trump campaign is working with George Lucas to release a Special Edition of the video conclusively showing that Galicia shot first. It is not known whether Mr. Galicia's face inflicted any injuries on the goon's fist; the assault on protesters is almost certain to boost Trump's popularity among the GOP base. Also, Donald Trump has thousands of Hispanics, and the Hispanics love him, because he gives them jobs. They're beautiful people. Except for the troublemakers, who have to go.

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