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Senate Republicans released the latest iteration of their evil plan to strip tens of millions of people of healthcare yesterday, and the president of the United States has swung into action to sell it to the American people, pointing out why it's just the thing to address their healthcare needs:

Expect that one to go down the Memory Hole soon enough, not simply because he called the terrific plan "failed," but also becauses ofs the typo abouts "Republicans Senators." Thank goodness the internet never forgets. But that's a guy who really wants you to embrace the Republican healthcare plan, huh? To be fair, the president also had other things to say this morning about why you should look forward to the benefits of this terrific plan for America's healthcare system:

See? Now that's a president hard at work to convince the American people that the Republicans have a great plan: It has to be done, because!

Also, too, during a hard-hitting interview with superannuated televangelist Pat Robertson, Trump explained that he'd be really angry, and a lot of people would be very disappointed, if the Senate doesn't pass this thing, whatever it is. Just look at his mastery of detail!

Lawrence O'Donnell, that nit-picker, pointed out Thursday night that when other presidents wanted to overhaul American healthcare, they actually did something to try to win support for it, like actually knowing what was in the fucking thing and talking about it, instead of simply saying he was sitting and waiting for the Senate to pass a bill.

But let's not make unfair comparisons: Lyndon Johnson, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama didn't have Twitter accounts when they were wasting their time pushing Congress to pass healthcare bills. Maybe Trump didn't want to have to face anyone yelling "You lie!" at him, since it would be accurate.

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[Donald Trump on Twitter / MSNBC]

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