Trump Has More Thoughts On Ilhan Omar, All Of Them Sick And Racist

Trump Has More Thoughts On Ilhan Omar, All Of Them Sick And Racist

Donald Trump has found his perfect woman in Ilhan Omar. The representative from Minnesota is a brown, immigrant Muslim. It's like he created her in a laboratory for his personal demonization fantasies. He's already put Omar's life at risk by grossly linking her to 9/11, but that was just the warm up. While watching "60 Minutes" like your typical cranky old man, he caught Lesley Stahl's interview with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He had thoughts, which like everything that passes through his failed factory town of a mind he shared on Twitter. The following one about his new favorite subject is especially deranged.

Ungrateful is what racists call brown immigrants and people of color in general who they believe aren't suitably appreciative of everything they've been "given" in a country that rightly belongs to white people. However, "control" is the obvious theme here. The word "control" is used more often in this tweet than during a 1980s Janet Jackson concert. Trump contends that the speaker of the House is Omar's puppet. This is a pretty wild claim considering Omar is one of those new freshman progressives Pelosi dismissed as "like five people." It's as if Pelosi only knew Omar from a weak-sauce party at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's house: "There's, like, five people here, Hakeem. Let's bail." But Trump wants his stupid supporters to think Omar is steering the ship while also dancing on the rooftops on 9/11.

At least Trump separates "anti-Semitism" from "anti-Israel," although he still believes they're the same thing. Or rather criticizing Israel is wrong but cuddling Nazis is "free speech." It's dangerous to paint all criticism of Israel as inherently hostile to Israel and Jews in general. It's similar to how conservatives treated all criticism of US foreign policy after 9/11. That's how we wound up with "Freedom fries" when the French were skeptical of the US invading random countries.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a professional liar, said the president wishes Omar "no ill will" and then demanded to know why Democrats hadn't yet beaten Omar with a bag of oranges. Did they have any love for the Jewish people? This is a White House that employed Steve Bannon.

Last month, Sanders claimed that Democrats who'd accused Trump of collusion with Russia were in effect calling for his execution because that's how treason is traditionally punished. It's a Plastic Man-level stretch designed to shut down any criticism of our fearful leader. Yet Sanders has no concerns about the implications of the president's continued personal attacks on Omar.

"Reasonable" conservative David Frum has concerns, though, but it's with the Democrats who defended Omar. He claims Democrats fell into Trump's well-laid trap.

FRUM: Having promised not to "let [Trump] drive us apart" from Omar, Democrats are now stuck with responsibility for the reckless things the representative from Minnesota says, not only about Jews, but about other issues, too.

Really? That's how it works? We should've had our lawyers look at those contracts before we signed anything. Frum has previously argued that if liberals won't enforce our borders, voters will naturally turn to fascists. He doesn't apply a similar philosophy to Israel. The country's re-elected prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who sucks (more cogent commentary here). If "reasonable" conservatives like Frum don't condemn him then are they creating a vacuum where the only criticism of Israel comes from Muslim House members? Trump would certainly prefer it because people like Omar are easy to marginalize.

Pelosi has already had to increase security for Omar. If anything happens to the congresswoman — not a fantastic notion given what happened to Gabby Giffords and Steve Scalise -- the big question isn't whether Trump will express grief or remorse (he won't). It's who he will blame.

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