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So this happened Friday at a Trump rally in Kissimmee, Florida. As the rally (complete with the usual Two Minutes Hate directed at the press pen at the back of the auditorium) let out, a white-haired gent wearing a "Don't Tread On Me" button approached the reporters to give them an important message, as captured on video by CNN's Noah Gray:

The man yelled, "Go home! You are a traitor! I am an American Patriot!" after which Gray began recording him with his phone. The comments on Gray's tweet largely agreed that the press is in fact full of liars, and that decent Americans who love America have simply had enough, which is why they are expressing their frustration. Also, reporters are going to get what they deserve someday -- a big raise, perhaps!

The gentleman added "Up yours!" and suggested that the reporters -- whom he reiterated were all traitors -- should go back somewhere, although we were unable to make out where. For the sake of accuracy, we must also note that the gentleman failed to present any concrete evidence of the particular acts of giving aid and comfort to the enemy, or betraying America, of which he accused them. Since it was not a formal trial, we'll let that slide. Perhaps the gentleman intends to bring a more proper case at a later date.

NBC producer Frank Thorp V asked the gentleman for his name, which he gave as "PATRIOT, AMERICAN PATRIOT! YOUR NAME IS TRAITOR!!" He did not wait around long enough to learn that he was mistaken, and that his interlocutor's last name was in fact Thorp.

As replies to Thorp's tweet pointed out, logically enough, "in his defense, with a last name like Patriot, you sort of have to name your kid American." Or perhaps "New England."

So that was a thing that happened. Is America Great Again yet?

[Business Insider / Noah Gray on Twitter / Frank Thorp V on Twitter / featured image also by Frank Thorp]

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