OK, so maybe there's a little problem there

Well that didn't last long: After a day filled with gleeful ridicule of its idiotic logo, the "TP Flag" logo quietly vanished from Donald Trump's campaign website. RawStory's Tom Boggioni notes that as of Friday night, the Trump website had scrubbed the logo, and didn't even feature a photo of Pence, and that the "awkwardly designed Trump/Pence logo is also nowhere to be found on the Republican National Committee’s website." Here's how the TrumPence website looked Friday night:

By the time Trump delivered his rambling Trumpenspiel trainwreck of an "introduction" of Pence Saturday morning, the website at least had Pence pictured, and a truncated logo with the awkward T-fucks-P part simply sliced off. So there's your logo now:

RedState joked that maybe the aborted logo -- Pence surely can't have approved of that! -- was designed by a Democratic mole. And all it needed to fix it was a graphic-design mohel.

One still-burning question: did they actually distribute any actual swag with that abomination on it? If the logo managed to escape into the world in material form, that crap could be worth something on ebay. Beware of unscrupulous counterfeiters! Or hell, become one yourself. Why should Donald Trump get all the good fraud monees?

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