In the wake of the Weinstein scandal, women across the internet have been calling attention to the prevalence of sexual assault and sexual harassment by posting "Me Too" on Facebook and Twitter. You have probably seen many of these posts!

While this certainly did draw attention to the magnitude of the problem (at least my whole feed was filled with "Me toos") it has also drawn some criticism. From assholes.

Over on The_Donald -- the Reddit home for the most, um, enthusiastic of Trump supporters (like this guy, u/Seattle4Truth aka Lane Maurice Davis -- who posted on The_Donald and contributed to alt-right site The Ralph Retort -- who stabbed his own father to death for being a "leftist"), one popular post, titled "Not Me," is suggesting that all those dumb women tweeting "Me too" could have avoided their fate by merely carrying a gun. The post was so popular it was pinned at the top of the message board on Monday:

I'm sure many of you have watched your lefty friends posting "Me too" to virtue signal on social media about rape, or "that guy smiled at me that one time and he wasn't attractive enough to do that."

Well, we're Trump Conservatives. We solve problems, we don't virtue signal.

Forget "Me too."

"Not me."

If the Left wants to talk about guns, let's talk about guns.

A 5'2" 90lb woman doesn't have much of a chance against a 6'4 240lb man, unless she has, as Samuel Colt put it, an equalizer.

Rather than virtue signalling, tell your friends, family, and those people you don't actually know but are friends with, "Not me."

Tell them that rapists exist, and as long as they exist, the only real way to stop them is to defend yourself. Take self defense classes. Get your CCW. Learn how to handle yourself.

Stand up against the pointless virtue signalling, and tell people how to really defend themselves.

The best defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Yes, this person clearly has a very good idea of how sexual harassment and assault actually happen in real life! Clearly, if those women didn't want to get sexually harassed or assaulted, they would have carried guns, and no women who carry guns are ever sexually harassed or assaulted because when somebody grabs them by the pussy, they can just pull out their Colt .45 and murder them! Right?

Also, dumping on Weinstein is just a strategic move by the Left, so we can be mean to poor Donald Trump about all his pussy grabbing:

This really shouldn't be a partisan issue. Conservative women also experience sexual harassment and assault. Like Gretchen Carlson and all those other women at Fox News that Roger Ailes tried to rub his boner on. Probably a lot of them own guns! Somehow, that did not prevent Roger Ailes from trying to rub his boner on them. Maybe because there are other factors at work here?

However, this is less about guns and more about The_Donald combating any attempt to make them feel empathy for other people. If they can tell themselves. "Well, if those women had guns, then this wouldn't have happened to them," they can allow themselves to feel morally upright about not caring. This, indeed, is the whole logic behind why they get mad about so-called "virtue signaling." They see the left as disingenuously trying to steal empathy from them, and they will not have it. Because if you manipulate them into feeling empathy for women who are victims of sexual assault or harassment, then you'll then be able to trick them into feeling empathy for other people bad things have happened to. People like poor people, and unarmed black people shot by police, and DACA recipients! It's a slippery slope! That's how they get ya!

And that is why we can't have nice things.

[The_Donald Reddit]

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Robyn Pennacchia

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