Trump Tells Roomful Of Nevadans They Say 'Nevada' Wrong, Because Why Not At This Point?


He has the best words, remember?

Donald Trump isn't your "typical politician" in much the same way that an empty beer can smooshed between two mummified rats isn't your "typical sandwich." This beer-can-between-rats quality was again on display at a campaign stop in Reno, Nevada, Wednesday night, when Trump "joked" that Nevadans are saying 'Nevada' wrong. But was the context of this "joke" as cringe-inducing as the "joke" itself?

"Heroin overdoses are surging and meth overdoses in Neh-VAH-da," Trump said. "Neh-VAH-da," he repeated, drawing out the mispronunciation. "When I came out here I said nobody says it the other way. It has to be Neh-VAH-da, right?"

Yes, the context was also very cringe-worthy, is the answer! Heroin and meth overdoses AND WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH HOW YOU NITWITS SAY YOUR OWN STATE HUH?? AIRLINE FOOD!

See, while your typical politician might squirm while holding a crying baby, Trump will heckle the baby and his mother while they try to politely leave the room. While your typical politician might have dodged the Vietnam draft, Donald Trump dodged the draft and also fought for several days with a family who lost their son in combat. And while your typical politician might accidentally name-check the wrong city at a rally, Donald Trump will yell that it's YOU who's in the wrong city, moron, and you don't even say the name of the city good! And your favorite local sports team is a bunch of chumps, to tell you the truth. Campaigning!

We did unearth something interesting, though! USA Today reported that "[t]he crowd laughed" at Trump's "joke," but the Associated Press had a different read on the audience reaction:

The confused silence from the crowd mixed with a few shouts of disagreement indicated that quite a few Nevadans pronounce their home state "Neh-VAD-uh."

So which was it, laughter or confused silence with a few shouts of disagreement? IT WAS THE SECOND ONE, of course! Probably some people chuckled like you'd chuckle if a stranger with a peculiar look in his eye told you he didn't like the way that mailbox was looking at him.

On the bright side, at least this dumb Nevada "joke" is just dumb, and not overtly hostile to a marginalized group, or antithetical to bedrock constitutional principles.

In conclusion, let's imagine a few more fun scenarios that will definitely play out in this election:

In Michigan, Trump tells a gathered throng that the Great Lakes really aren't that great if he's being honest. But he'll make them great again!

In Pennsylvania, Trump says he likes Liberty Bells that aren't cracked pieces of junk, okay?

In Florida, Trump promises he'll force Disney to replace the "It's A Small World" ride with a new attraction called "It's A Small World And White People Are Genetically Superior."

Now you go!

[USA Today / AP via Colorado Springs Gazette]


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