Senate Republicans AWOL In Stimulus Negotiations, Trump Might Try Magic Instead

Remember, House Dems passed a stimmy package in MAY.

Negotiations on a new stimulus bill between Democratic congressional leadership and the White House made little progress Thursday night. That means nobody knows when an actual deal might be reached to renew expired emergency unemployment benefits and other aid to offset the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The investor class and financial sector are doing comparatively well after Republicans aimed the first rounds of stimulus their way, so it may be a while for the rest of America. But don't worry, Donald Trump thinks he can wave a magic executive order and make everything better.

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Oh No, Is Joe Biden Going To Spank The Lord Right On The Bottom?!

You know how Joe Biden is.

You know, it's one thing when a Republican president who is actually a Christian (usually not a very good one) decides to play Bible Wars with their Democratic opponent. It's infuriating, considering how they're total charlatans, and the most Christian president of the last 20 years was Barack Obama. But hey, sure, at least when it's a conservative evangelical Republican, they can speak Jesus-ese well enough to play that card without sounding like complete fucking idiots.

And then there was this thing Donald Trump said about Joe Biden today in Ohio:

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White House

Where On Earth Does Mike Pompeo Keep Misplacing His Inspectors General?

Under here with the WMDs?

Yesterday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that his department's inspector general, Stephen Akard, was heading home to Indiana immediately. Without returning to pack up his office. As one does when there is absolutely nothing hinky going on.

"He left to go back home. This happens. I don't have anything more to add to that," Pompeo said, as if Akard were a dog that had gone to his great reward on a farm upstate, instead of a longtime federal employee with strong ties to the Republican Party who suddenly vanished without explanation.

And to lose one inspector general may be regarded as misfortune; to lose two looks like carelessness. Or worse! Particularly when the you're facing multiple investigations by the IG's office, and you lose both of them within 90 days.

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Facebook, Twitter Won't Let Trump Lie About Pandemic And Kids, How Is That Even Fair?

Shouldn't they defend to the death his right to endanger children?

Yesterday, Donald Trump visited with some of his only remaining friends, the friends on "Fox & Friends," so he could lie about virtually everything, as one does when on "Fox & Friends." It's sort of a cultural thing there. Among the many lies Trump told during the freaking hour he spent on the phone was this load of kinkajou bollocks about the coronavirus:

Trump insisted, yet again, that the virus will just go away (not true) and then said children are "almost, and I would almost say definitely, but almost IMMUNE from this disease." Not true, and It's actually worse than comments he made at his Big Coronavirus Transmission Party in Tulsa back in June, where he also downplayed the risk to young people, although he didn't claim they were in any sense "immune." Which, as we say, they are not. It's so completely untrue and irresponsible that Politifact may have to invent a new graphic for it.

It came as a "surprise" to TrumpWorld and assorted wingnuts when Twitter and Facebook both pulled videos of the clip that had been posted to their platforms, because Jesus Christ on a moped with one bad tire, while it's true that kids may be less susceptible to, and less badly affected by COVID-19, they are not "immune" in any sense of the word: Children can get the virus, transmit the virus, get sick from the virus, and suffer lifelong damage or die from the virus.

Private social media platforms removing a lie like "kids are immune" to coronavirus — which did we mention is a lie? — isn't "censoring" Donald Trump. It's minimally responsible corporate behavior.

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