Manhattan DA Reportedly Getting Closer And Closer To Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg, So Tick Tock, MF-er!

Any old time now would be fine, for America.

If you are like most good and patriotic Americans, you are reaching a weary point as we hit the summer, and most experts agree some damn indictments and perp walks would help. When oh when OH WHEN are some people going to start being held accountable for the misery America was just put through for four solid years, and also too the misery the same people are still putting America through? WHEN?

Tick tock!

Speaking of "tick tock," the New York Times reported last night that the clock's ticking and tocking may be getting super-urgent for Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, who reportedly may "face charges as soon as this summer."

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Loser Trump Can't Get Book Deal, Can't Blog, Not Allowed To Tweet, Is Basically Worthless

Starting to wonder if he's even bathed recently.

Gonna need y'all to suspend your disbelief for a minute, and refrain from saying this post is pointless because Donald Trump is not physically capable of writing a "book." We know everything he's ever "written" was ghostwritten by another human. Hell, the person who wrote Art Of The Deal fuckin' HAAAATES Donald Trump.

At one point Trump tried to get his niece Mary Trump, who also hates him, to ghostwrite a book for him. Trouble was, she couldn't figure out what the hell it was that he did all day, so we guess the "Donald Trump At Work" chapters presented some challenges. One day he told her he had some TREMENDOUS content to share that she could put in the book, and it was some kind of rambling recorded monologue he made about women he wanted to have sex with, but who rebuffed his advances, replete with commentary about the thickness of Katarina Witt's calves. (As Wonkette asked at the time, "How dare she have strong legs! What is she, the greatest figure skater of all time or something?")

So no, Donald Trump will not be writing a book anytime soon, or ever.

But apparently he won't be having one ghostwritten for him either, because Politico reports that it is a true fact that no actual publishing house is willing to give him a book deal. That's right, the immediate former president of the United States has been deemed by Big Book to be unqualified for a book deal of any kind.

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justice department

Trump DOJ Meatballs ... Actually Refused To Do Coups!

Minimal credit where it is due!

Oversight is back, baby! And as long as they control the House, Democrats are going to conduct it, with or without Republicans.

Toward that end, House Oversight Chair Carolyn Maloney sent Attorney General Merrick Garland a letter on May 21 demanding information about the Trump White House pressuring the Justice Department to interfere in the 2020 election. And lo! Instead of a big middle finger with a snarky letter saying everything that happens in the executive branch is privileged, they actually coughed it up! And while most of this stuff already appeared in prior news reporting, it's pretty shocking to see evidence in black and white of Trump trying to weaponize the DOJ to keep himself in office.

The president of the United States of America literally tried to get every vote from Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada tossed out — about one in five votes cast nationwide. Not to put too fine a point on it, but that is some crazy banana republic shit! To their minimal credit, however, the vast majority of Trump's DOJ lawyers held the line and refused to play along. Good job, fellas!

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foreign policy

Mike Pompeo Brings Super A-Hole Stepdad Energy To 'Fox News Sunday'

It's your Sunday show rundown!

Former Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo, was on "Fox News Sunday" this weekend.

Surprise, he was an asshole!

Chris Wallace had just interviewed current, competent Secretary of State Antony Blinken. We guess Pompeo thought it was his job to "rebut" whatever Blinken had just said. (It's Fox News, after all.)

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