Why A Female Victim Of ‘Sudden Death’ Is Ideal For Your Unholy Experiments. Tabs, Tues., Oct. 26, 2021

Come and get your Tabs!

Facebook knows how it's the social media version of Wolfram & Hart. (Yes, I'm a middle-aged geek.) (Washington Post)

Also from the Post: The 2013 article about the Fairfax County, Virginia mom who's in Virginia Governor candidate Glenn Youngkin's misleading ad about how Toni Morrison's Beloved gave her goofy son whitemares.

This woman also willingly posed for the whitest white lady picture since white ladies were first photographed.

Washington Post

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The Best And Worst Of This Week's Sunday Shows, Just Kidding It's All Worst

Same old same old.

Ready to jump into this weekend's Sunday shows, which we watch so you never have to?

Let's do it.

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Class Act Donald Trump Jr. Selling ‘Guns Don’t Kill People, Alec Baldwin Kills People’ T-Shirts

We're sure her grieving friends and family think that's real cute.

Ever since news broke last week that actor Alec Baldwin had accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins with a prop gun he was told was "cold" (i.e. not loaded), rightwing ghouls have been frothing with glee, with little to no regard for Hutchins's grieving friends and family members. Why? Because Alec Baldwin believes in gun control and thinks cops should not kill unarmed Black people. It's not clear why this is a "win" for them or what they think the lesson should be here.

Some seem to be trying to make a case that a responsible gun owner who loves guns and the Second Amendment would never do that, but there have been 284 accidental shootings by children in the US this year, frequently due to their "responsible gun owner" parents leaving loaded guns around. Almost 500 people die a year due to unintentional shootings and over 27,000 are admitted to emergency rooms yearly for the same. Those aren't the kind of statistics you'd think gun owners would want to draw attention to, but I guess if it allows them to totally "own" Alec Baldwin, it will all have been worth it.

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Culture Wars

Mike Pence Swings By In-N-Out For Some Anti-Vax Culture Wars

What a dunce

Mike Pence is still trying to make his way back on the good side of Donald Trump's MAGA mob. Thursday, Pence tweeted photos of himself looking incredibly comfortable and authentic outside a California In-N-Out restaurant.

Pence wrote: “In California and had to stop at In-N-Out Burger!" He included an American flag emoji because he's so damn patriotic. That's why he needed Dan Quayle to talk him down from supporting a coup.

In-N-Out has great burgers and demonstrably terrible fries. We also make a point of stopping there whenever we're in California, but Pence isn't just showing his support for a local business. He's throwing down a gauntlet in the ongoing culture war over public health.

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