LIVE: Peter Doocy's White House Questions Only Get Dumber From Here On Out

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Donald Trump might actually face criminal accountability for being a criminal. So these briefings might get weird!

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A Pence Worth Of Courage Isn't Much

It's your very cowardly Sunday show rundown!

Mike Pence has always been a vacuous, textbook example of an insincere politician. (We could link you to the many times Wonkette has written about this.) In one very brief instance on January 6 2021, Pence made the barest minimum decision when he did his job to certify the election of President Joe Biden. But ever since then, the political media has overpraised him like an exhausted parent cheering their toddler's first shit on a training potty.

Thus, here we have Pence, appearing on ABC's "This Week" with Jonathan Karl, getting 30 minutes in his deluded hope he will become the Republican Party presidential nominee.

It only took one question from Karl regarding the possible indictment/arrest of Trump for Pence to show what a coward he is and fall right in line with the rest of the Republican Party.

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Let's All Smile And Nod At MAGA Threats That Prosecuting Trump Will Make Him Boss Of Us Forever

It's their delusional fantasy. They're the ones who have to work through it.

There are several genres of right-wing reactions developing to Donald Trump's impending first arrest and indictment. One we heard this weekend, notably from Mike Pence, was that it's appalling Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is doing this right now, what with the CRIME WAVE. As if that's not code for "how can you possibly arrest Donald Trump as long as Black people still exist?"

In this post let's talk about a threat and a fantasy we're starting to see a lot of from these MAGA morons. This tweet and Twitter poll encapsulates it nicely:

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Is Donald Trump Too Big To Indict?


We've started the countdown to Donald Trump's possible, maybe, but who knows, really perp walk, and I'll hear no lectures from you against schadenfreude. This is gonna be fun. But wait, what if finally arresting Trump for something gives him exactly what he wants? Rick Wilson at the Lincoln Project tweeted, "Donald Trump is highly likely to get the nomination regardless, but I believe the indictments will, in fact, secure it for him because the base will rally."

Bret Stephens at the New York Times said Democrats would "live to regret" indicting Trump. (I'll risk it.) Even former Barack Obama senior adviser David Axelrod warned, "Of all the offenses for which Trump is under investigation, the Stormy Daniels hush money is probably the least meaningful. If he's going to be indicted in any of these probes, this the one he probably would want first to try and color all of them as politically-motivated."

Trump's pants-shitting meltdown this weekend would suggest he doesn't personally see an upside if Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicts him for the Stormy Daniels shenanigans. There was no bad-ass Dirty Harry "make my day" declaration, and Trump lacks the patience and skill for an effective "don't throw me in the briar patch" long con.

It's hilarious that Trump supporters can read their mad-MAGA king's all-caps hysterics and seriously believe that he'd stare down Russia and communist China. Alvin Bragg is hardly Vladimir Putin. However, the brother will become a national hero if he busts Trump. Everyone's gonna dance to that hit rap song, "Bragged That Trump Ass." If Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis indicts Trump, the lyric "DA Fani burned Trump's fanny" writes itself. (I'm hardly the rap version of Randy Rainbow, though, specifically because I made that reference.)


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