Kellyanne Conway And Shuckabee: Trump's Betty And Veronica Of Propaganda

Kellyanne Conway appeared on "Meet The Press" Sunday with Chuck Todd fresh off her defeat of Kirstjen Nielsen to become the top lying, conservative blonde in the Trump administration.

I don't like this "Highlander"

Todd asked Conway about Trump's current batshit idea: Ship all immigrants to "sanctuary cities." (So much for a crisis.) It's so crazy in fact that it made Chuck Todd try to be an actual journalist (tried). Of course as you'll see from the quotes, Conway just tried to filibuster and overwhelm with a string of bullshit, so that was a shocker!

TODD: I want to start with this crisis at the southern border, in this respect. Does the president see this as an immigration crisis or as a refugee crisis, where we -- basically, our asylum system is under-resourced, under stress -- overstressed, overtaxed, due to what is a Central American refugee crisis?

CONWAY: Chuck, first, thanks for acknowledging that it is a crisis.[…] We have 103,000 migrants either being apprehended or unable to come across the border just last month alone. And the flow is so different. For years, it was single males from Mexico who could be returned safely to their country of origin. Now, we have families, increasingly, family units from these three northern triangle countries, and unaccompanied children. […] They can fix TVPRA, which, basically, is the Trafficking Victims Act, where it becomes a magnet for young children to be taken by the arm by an adult. […] Number two, fix Flores ... After 20 days, we must release children into the interior of this country. Number three, fix the asylum law, so that those who actually have a credible claim of asylum can have that processed faster...

TODD: Everything you have said the president, I have not heard from the president, though. Like you have said he is not --
CONWAY: I'm here on his behalf.

TODD: I understand that. But he is saying he wants to get rid of asylum law. He wants to get rid of judges. Let me ask you this way --

: Well, that's not completely fair --

Note that not only does she never answer the question but tries to say things Trump has never said. When all else failed for Conway, she tried to pivot into attacking Rep. Ilhan Omar for a little more stochastic terrorism, but surprisingly Todd seemed to actually catch her. Like this time:

CONWAY: -- I think the rough rhetoric this week, you know, respectfully, came from the other side. You have this anti-semitic congresswoman, who has been rebuked by members of her own party --

TODD: Woah, woah, woah, what're you talking --

: -- now saying 'something happened to someone.'

TODD: This has nothing to do with immigration. You're trying --

: It does --

: -- No, no, no, no.

: It does.

: I know what you're trying to do here. I'm going to go back here--

or this time:

CONWAY: […] Because overnight or yesterday, Congress -- Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib tweeted that she's so tired of being -- they're so tired of being used to show that the party's diverse, and that they can't get a seat at the table, can't get their policy issues forward, something that was retweeted by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

TODD: You keep --

: So I think there's trouble in Pelosi Paradise. But if she wants to fix immigration, she can come.

You keep trying to insert others --

But for me the most chilling part was when Todd described the conditions the refugees are fleeing from. The nightmare they are escaping looking at us like the shining hope that we are failing to be. The place that will now get worse thanks to Trump removing the aid that WAS helping with this crisis. But what does Conway do?

TODD: Do you know what happens to them in Honduras? Let me up this up here from -- In 2017, 41% of women and girls killed in Honduras showed signs of mutilation, disfigurement, and cruelty beyond what was needed to kill them, according to the Violence Observatory at the National Autonomous University of Honduras. And in this story, there were some graphic descriptions that are 1,000 times worse that are not appropriate for Sunday morning. This is what they're escaping. This is why they're seeking asylum in the United States. How do you turn them away?

CONWAY: And when they present their -- and when they present their claims of asylum, as they did in past administrations, those claims are evaluated. And people do, they are granted asylum for credible asylum claims. What's happening, Chuck, is that you have those who are claiming asylum and should not be, back to my point. […] Congress cannot turn a blind eye to that. I know that they're, they're still obsessed with the 2016 campaign and investigating it. They're obsessed with running for 2020 --

The 2016 campaign?!! 2020?!! This isn't political, you heartless, feckless harpy! This is about humanitarian and moral obligation! Watch the full interview below if you can stomach the disgust.

Moving on to Conway's sister from another cruel mister, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Sanders did the rounds on both "Fox News Sunday" and ABC's "This Week" to answer questions on the same policy, but we'll focus on her "This Week" appearance. Sanders employed a different strategy from Conway: just being cruel and pretending it's rational.
SANDERS: Look, this is an option on the table. I mean, we talked about a number of different things over the last two years that we'd love to see happen […] If Democrats continue to be unwilling to do that, then we're going to look at all of our options and we don't want to put all of the burden on one or two border communities. And Democrats have stated time and time again they support open borders, they support sanctuary cities. So, let's spread out some of that burden and let's put it in some of those other locations if that's what they want to see happen and are refusing to actually help fix the problem.
When George Stephanopoulos asked about the legality, Sanders made it seem like it was just a suggestion. Like when co-workers suggest getting a Keurig coffee maker for the office break room.
STEPHANOPOULOS: But, as you know, when this story broke on Thursday, White House officials said flatly that the idea had been rejected. We know that President Trump called the former Homeland Security secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, and she told him that her legal team reviewed it; simply not legal. So, how can you continue to push this?

SANDERS: Look, we have – that was brought up at a staff level and it was determined at that time that, logistically, there were a lot of challenges and it probably didn't make sense to move forward and the idea did not go further …

: Not just logistically, legally.

: … The president heard the idea, he likes it, so – well, we're looking to see if there are options that make it possible and doing a full and thorough and extensive review. The president likes the idea and Democrats have said they want these individuals into their communities so let's see if it works and everybody gets a win out of it.
Watch the full interview below:

Note: Remember that any time Sanders starts a sentence with "Look..." you're about to be blatantly lied to by Trump's Granny Goodness.

When your plan hinges on Trump liking it, trying to play reverse psychology with Democrats AND even Kirstjen Nielsen thought it was TOO FAR... You know we've entered a new low on our country's descent into hell. Or as we are all soon gonna have to ask ourselves:

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