Trump Refugee Boss Explains Why All Ladies (And Girls!) Must Birth Babies.

Mother Jones came into possession of a remarkable bit of writing from the college career of Scott Lloyd, the anti-abortion activist who got himself appointed head of HHS's Office of Refugee Resettlement. Since America no longer wants any refugees, his complete lack of any experience in the field actually made him the perfect guy for the job. One thing ORR does do is supervise the care of undocumented minors in federal custody, so Lloyd quickly made a reputation for himself as the guy who personally blocked pregnant teens from getting abortions -- even though the procedures are legal and would not be paid for by the government.

A former law school classmate of Lloyd provided a copy of an essay he'd written in 2004 when he was a first-year law student at Catholic University. In the essay, the young scholar explained how, after getting his girlfriend pregnant, he helped pay for her abortion and took her to the appointment, which is why, QED, no woman should ever have the right to an abortion ever again.

MoJo's Hannah Levintova briefly reviews some of the extraordinary lengths to which Lloyd has gone to make sure girls in ORR facilities won't make the disastrous choice of not giving birth:

Lloyd has instructed ORR shelters to send pregnant young women to religiously affiliated crisis pregnancy centers that oppose abortion and to undergo medically unnecessary ultrasounds. In one case before Lloyd was formally ORR's director, a shelter halted a medication abortion halfway through [in an attempt to "reverse" the abortion]

The young woman in that case was eventually given the second drug to complete the procedure, but only after being rushed to a hospital in an attempt to detect a fetal heartbeat. And of course there's the notorious case where Lloyd attempted to make a girl who'd been raped carry her pregnancy to term, even though the 17-year-old threatened to commit suicide if she were forced to continue the pregnancy. Fortunately, judges have blocked Lloyd from continuing his personal interventions in the medical care of underaged detainees, although the government is of course appealing those decisions so he can be the Pregnancy Decider for all undocumented girls. You'd think somebody from the administration would have at least had some qualms about his trying to make the girls have anchor babies.

Thank goodness, we now have a better insight into why Scott Lloyd is so very opposed to abortion -- including even in cases where women may die if they continue a pregnancy. It's all because he knocked a girl up and she wouldn't let him talk her out of having an abortion like Jesus told him to.

The essay given to MoJo was written for a class called Catholic Social Teaching, and several of the students in the class remember both the essay and the heated class discussion of it, largely because of Lloyd's insistence that all pregnancies must result in birth or God will be quite irate. Yes, Lloyd was too dogmatic for law students at Catholic University.

"The reason I remember it so clearly," one student who is now a private lawyer recalled, was because "it was the first time I'd ever heard somebody say, 'I got somebody pregnant or I was pregnant, and I got an abortion.'"

In the essay, Lloyd wrote of his panic at finding out his long-ago girlfriend went and got herself pregnant somehow, and his days of prayer and Bible reading on how to make everything better. He told her she should have the baby and put it up for adoption, but like some wanton sinner who refused to be Scott Lloyd, she willfully told him she'd already made an appointment for an abortion, and worse, she wanted him to pay half the expense as if he were somehow involved in her sin:

On the way there, I gave her the money, mostly in ones, for two reasons: 1) if I didn't, I would be the enemy and she would stop listening to me and 2) because if she went through with it, I didn't want to leave thinking it wasn't my fault. Both were stupid reasons. In the parking lot we argued one last time.

We aren't sure what the significance of paying in ones is. Maybe to make her think about what she'd done. Maybe he was a waiter and it was tip money. Maybe sheer assholery. But boy oh boy, did he learn his lesson! Ever since, he wrote,

I've realized that absolutely every single reason to support an abortion is a distortion of the truth. Two steps beyond all of them is a proper investigation of the matter, and two steps back reveals the fear and selfishness behind them.

If Lloyd's essay actually addressed any of the many reasons women actually have abortions, that didn't make it into the Mother Jones piece. We'll assume that "fear and selfishness" are of course what they'd all amount to in his telling anyway. Also, Lloyd learned an important lesson about responsibility: Women shouldn't fuck if they aren't prepared to have babies.

If a woman needs to defend so fiercely the "one thing they can call their own—their body," then they shouldn't be so careless with it as to have sex when they are not ready to be pregnant.

As for men, well hell, that's just obvious: Lloyd was perfectly prepared to have a woman carry a baby to term as a consequence of his having sex, so don't you dare call him a hypocrite. And as a sperm contributor to that precious accidental zygote, he also knew that his precious child was destroyed by that slut he slept with, and he knew that wasn't fair either:

By making the choice to have sex, a woman is making a conscious decision to engage in an act that has the natural result of creating a pregnancy. A pregnancy implicates the rights of two other people—the baby, and the father, whether our government wants to recognize that or not. A state would not be violating any rights by recognizing and codifying the natural consequence of a person's action, protecting a fetus's right to life, and protecting a father's right to be a father.

See? Scott Lloyd was the real victim. And yes, of course he dragged in the Holocaust, because of course he had to, and he explained abortion is actually worse than the Shoah, because "The Jews who died in the Holocaust had a chance to laugh, play, sing, dance, learn, and love each other. The victims of abortion do not," and for that matter, they never even get to play a bittersweet fiddle tune on the roof of their humble cottage in the womb-shtetl like the merry Jews at least could.

In conclusion everyone hated Scott Lloyd when he was in law school and that's why he must avenge himself on pregnant Guatemalan girls who must be forced to love the babies they want to kill, the end.

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