Try Not To Stare When You See ... Oh F*ck Off. Tabs, Tues., Jan. 7, 2020

Try Not To Stare When You See ... Oh F*ck Off. Tabs, Tues., Jan. 7, 2020

What tabs have we got open today? Come in, come in ...

It is safe to say we will likely have a story on The Letter, and how good the Trump administration is in everything it has ever touched.

Who Is Jared Kushner? Well, New Yorker, WHO ISN'T HE!!! I have not read this yet, even though it promises it BREAKS NEWS & SCOOPS, and that is why it is still an #opentab.

Cool cool. ICE Detention Center Captain Was on a Neo-Nazi Website and Wanted to Start a White Nationalist Group

Now That's What I Call Clickbait

Martha McSally, current occupant of Mark Kelly's US Senate seat in Arizona, said the quiet parts out loud, like an idiot. In related news, it appears that David Brock's "Shareblue" is now "AmericanIndependent," and why not just go with Xe?

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's blackface-apology tour is bringing dividends. Now he's backing a bill to evict Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson from the ranks of "people who get holidays in Virginia" and replace them with an Election Day holiday.

Do not EVEN open this stupid Chris Cillizza "analysis" on Elizabeth Warren's "changing" (not changing) statements on the Soleimani assassination. I promise you we'll yell at it later.

DO OPEN these photos from Australia. Bear witness.

Thank you, Rebecca Traister. Can You Spot the Fake? Hint: Look at the pundits.

Traister and Michelle Goldberg on the same day is a good pundit day.

This is supposed to be the best thing you will read EVER and since it is neither in the august pixels of Wonkette nor written by Alexandra Petri, gonna go with DOUBT IT. People are seeing 'Cats' while high out of their minds. These are their stories. UPDATE: I have read it. It was fine.

"In 2016 I think the media got the country wrong. I don't think we got Trump. We didn't understand how much the country was angry at elites, upset about the fallout from the economic crisis. And I don't think we understood quite how much the country just wanted to shake things up. We covered it as usual, the way we always cover elections, as a clash of two ideologies, and I think it was much, much deeper." LOL Dean Baquet is never gonna get it never gonna get it never gonna get it never gonna get it never gonna get it never gonna get it never gonna get it never get it.

WHEW thank God the NAACP has created an environmental justice/climate change unit and is staffing it up proper, because local chapters were helping utilities and the energy industry cut regulations and stifle alternative energy production :/

Stacey Abrams launches economic advancement program. Who's in?

Jim Bakker says backing Trump means you're saved.

BRB, sending some Bibles to El Salvador.

Repo Man (3/10) Movie CLIP - The Reverend's Telethon (1984)

Maggie Habes tick-tocks the president giving the order to kill that one dude, spoiler it is in between golf and yelling about how he's so good to the Jews.

Hey you know that funny Wonkette joke about like "those are Guatemalan Mexicans" and whatnot, the point being that to certain bigots all Latin American people are "Mexican," well now we are sending the Mexican Mexicans to Guatemala because fuck them is why.

Thai chicken coconut soup. So good and so easy.

FBI agent had front-row seat to the country's most notorious crime scenes. Jaycee Dugard and the Unabomber? *CLICK*

Hey, are there a lot of Democrats trying to win a lot of primaries? There are. Politico does some Politico stuff.

Yes, it's true, the wingnuts been wingnuts FOR EBER. I mean, c'mon, Harper's published The Paranoid Style in American Politics in nineteen-sixty-four. Hey, I should open that tab. Might wanna read it.

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