TSA Heroically Prevents Al Gore Hijacking Attempt

Al Gore: former Vice President, Oscar-winner, puffy cartoon voice actor... terrorist? That's the question we're forced to ask after learning that he tried his damnedest to sneak onto a flight in Tennessee without going through the proper security screening.

The officer realized there was a breach when he saw Gore "pop up past security in a sterile area," reports News Channel 5 of Nashville. "I think it was just someone trying to provide customer service," the airport's Lowrance says to The City Paper of Nashville. "It was bad judgment. Since 9/11, that is not allowed."

Damn straight it isn't. What's next, letting that extremist freak Mondale buy aluminum tubes? Vice Presidents have always been a grave threat to national security, from Burr to Cheney -- we can't afford to let the smoking gun be a mushroom cloud of global warming.

Airport Cites 'Bad Judgement' After Al Gore Security 'Breach' [USAT]


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