TSA Sez 'Don't Forget the Lube!'

It's for fuckin'!A Wonkette operative alerts us to a curious example of TSA terror-liquid leniency: While you can't bring hand lotion or even lip gloss in your carryon, you can carry "up to 4 oz." of "personal lubricants."

That's right, frequent flyers: Bogus terror threats or not, Homeland Security wants you to have comfortable anal sex while flying.

Next time the high-school-dropout TSA goons try to take your moisturizer, conditioner, Neosporin, suntan lotion, bath oil or hair gel, just look 'em straight in the eyes and say, "It's personal lubricant, and it's for fucking."

Permitted and Prohibited Items [TSA]

TSA is Awesome! [Itchy Feet, Big World]


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