TSA: Terrorists May Penetrate Our Defenses With Delicious, Fattening Dairy Products

Tasty... and DANGEROUS - WonketteLast week the TSA sent an advisory to law enforcement offices across the country warning them that recent suspicious activity could be part of a terrorist dry run. The incidents range from deadly duct tape-wrapped ice packs to bizarre pepperjack bombs like the one pictured above, confiscated from a Baltimore couple.

That's right: terrorists have discovered prop comedy.

* The first cheese bomb was discovered last September -- a block of processed cheese was taped to a bag containing a cell phone charger.

* The ice pack was from this month, in San Deigo. Also they were filled with clay.

* In June, a second cheese device was found in Milwaukee -- this time, there were two blocks of cheese, as well as wires and batteries and deadly tubes.

* And last November, a passenger in Houston tried to sneak another bag of terrifying clay on board.

The TSA has no explanation for these incidents -- three of the four involved US citizens, no one had any links to terrorist organizations -- so they're pretty sure it's a dry run for a future attack on our nation's most vulnerable citizens: the lactose intolerant.

TSA to police: Look out for possible terrorist attack 'dry runs' [CNN]


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