Well, my peeps. The time has come for us to part. Your regularly scheduled Wonkette team returns tomorrow. It's always a unique pleasure to spread a little sunshine on these pages. Thanks all around are due to David and Lockhart and O.G. Ana and the Unstoppable Henry Seltzer and, of course, all the great Wonkette Operatives out there who bring reports from all over the world to the tipsbox. Most of all, a shout-out to Alex Pareene, with whom it was a distinct pleasure to work with over the past six days.

Of course, none of this would be possible without all those people out there doing and saying and writing and voting for the stupidest things imaginable. This year, at election time, please don't make the mistake of changing a thing.

Anyway, keep tipping your editors and enjoy the high school melodrama of your government at work. I'll see you where you usually see me.


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