TTFN, Wonketteers!

Time has come to once again bid Wonkette's most excellent readership farewell. Ken Layne will be back at his post tomorrow--tanned, rested, and with a damn-near frictionless alimentary canal that smells like a cake shop. Very sorry we weren't able to bear witness to either Wolfowitz or Gonzalez walking the plank, but we can take solace in the fact that the longer it goes on the less fun they'll both have. We'll always have Randall Tobias.

Many thanks to all who tipped, and all who commented. I thought the last time I did this that you guys were tiptop, but somehow, you've found another level. You will all be happy to note that the proceeds from two days of Wonkettry will go to getting a cat neutered, making this officially the single best use to which Nick Denton's money has ever been put. Somehow, I doubt the news that I have been uniquely driven by the thoughts of denying another living thing it's God-given procreative tools will surprise any of you.

Esperance, y'all. See you where I see you.


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