Tucker Carlson On A Whole Thing Again, 'Woman' And 'Maternity' And 'Breastfeeding' And 'Flight Suits' Edition

Tucker Carlson On A Whole Thing Again, 'Woman' And 'Maternity' And 'Breastfeeding' And 'Flight Suits' Edition

During his show last night, Tucker Carlson went on a rant about how very joyful he would have been had Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson answered Sen. Marsha Blackburn's "What is a woman?" question with an impassioned and extremely transphobic speech about how "men can't breastfeed." He delivered this imagined monologue himself, replete with diagrams of the female reproductive system, a childlike explanation of chromosomes, and a bizarre insistence that one can learn everything there is to know about human biology in sixth grade.

"Imagine if she said that! What an answer that would have been!" Carlson exclaimed. "Do you know a single person who wouldn't have cheered? We would have. Honesty is a wonderful thing to watch no matter where it comes from."

Alas, he was disappointed, because KBJ did not give this imaginary Tucker Carlson monologue, but rather said, "I don't know, I'm not a biologist."

It wasn't a perfect answer — there is a whole lot more to gender than biology. But in case Tucker Carlson hasn't noticed, there are not exactly teeming masses of biologists out there railing against the existence of transgender people. Why might that be? Perhaps they are too busy explaining that even "biological sex" is a hell of lot more complicated than one learns in middle school.

From this, Carlson went off on a tangent in which he claimed that in 2019, during Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination hearings, Democrats "commanded" people to "believe that all women must be believed, regardless of whether or not they were telling the truth," adding, "in 2019, it was a sham and a disgrace to doubt a woman’s word because by the virtue of their biology, women did not lie. That’s what it was to be a woman — utterly truthful all the time."

This would be quite the own if anyone did actually say that, which no one did. As much as I personally was not a fan of the #BelieveWomen hashtagging (because I knew people would run with it like this and also because it was a little too reminiscent of the "Believe The Children" Satanic Panic nonsense for me), it was made clear by literally everyone promoting it that it did not mean "Women don't lie under any circumstances." It was more about simply not automatically believing the man in instances of sexual assault and harassment, which had been the norm for decades.

Jumping off from that point, Carlson then claimed that by saying that men should not hit women during one of the Democratic primary debates, Joe Biden was admitting that women were different from men. Carlson then brought it on home with one of his latest obsessions — maternity flight suits. He appears to be just as confused about maternity flight suits as he is about everything else.

"A man's best instinct is to protect women. That's nothing to be ashamed of. It makes a civilization civilized. That's why we don't send expectant mothers into battle," Carlson explained. "Got that, you degraded freaks? Pregnant flight suits are an attempt to make us deny our most basic instinct, an instinct that we should not be ashamed of."

Yeah that's not what maternity flight suits are for. As military leaders helpfully explained when Carlson — who has never served in the military — was on about this last year, pregnant people are not serving in combat and flight suits are part of the standard military uniform worn by aviators and air crew whether or not they are in combat. Just like any other service member's uniform.

“It’s just such a lack of understanding of how wars are fought, how deployments are managed, how women contribute in the military,” Martina Chenosis, spokeswoman for the Service Women’s Action Network, told Military Times last year. “And what’s unfortunate is that he has that platform. And so for people who don’t understand what is real, they can walk away from that thinking, ‘Oh my God, we’re sending our pregnant women into battle. This is ridiculous.’"

I'm sure, if so inclined, we could all write a very impassioned speech for Tucker Carlson in which he explains how — through the wondrous magic of Google — he discovered that literally every single thing he said in this monologue was factually absurd, and then even imagine ourselves giving a slow clap at the end, because "honesty is a wonderful thing to watch no matter where it comes from." But really — why bother?

[Media Matters]

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