Tucker Carlson: Encouraging COVID Vaccinations Is First Step Towards Forced Sterilization

Tucker Carlson: Encouraging COVID Vaccinations Is First Step Towards Forced Sterilization

Earlier this week, the Biden administration announced that it would be increasing its efforts to convince people to get the vaccine, including going into communities, setting up clinics at workplaces, encouraging employers to give people paid time off to recover from getting it, and even going door-to-door spreading the good word of vaccination.

These are not particularly strong measures and at no point was there any suggestion that people would be "forced" to get the vaccine. The Biden administration so far has decided not to require the military to get the vaccine, not to create vaccine passports, and last month they even issued guidance to federal agencies saying that they should not require employees to get the vaccine. Pretty much all they are doing is making the vaccine available, creating the circumstances under which it would be easier for people to get without worrying about money or their jobs, and encouraging people to get it. So, naturally, the Right has been freaking the fuck out.

Tucker Carlson, whom we can assume has probably been vaccinated, dedicated the first portion of his show last night to railing against the extreme lengths the Biden administration is not actually going to in order to encourage more people to get vaccinated — and the horrors that slippery slope could lead to. Like sterilization.

Helpfully, Carlson explained that the coronavirus is "waning" and it's not even a health emergency anymore, and then accused Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra of not wanting people to get the vaccine for health reasons, but because the United States had spent so much money on getting it for us all in the first place. He then hypothesized that this could lead to the government forcing people to take any medication they'd spent money on, period. And, naturally, to forced sterilization.

Can HHS force you to take antibiotics for your TB? How about Xanax for your anxiety. Thorazine for your mania? And while we're at it, why are we letting irresponsible, defective people reproduce? Vagrants, mental patients, even QAnon people, all are allowed to have children. Why is that?

Not sure where Tucker Carlson has been but people can, actually, be forced to take antipsychotics under certain circumstances. That's a thing.

But he was less concerned with that and more concerned with the forced sterilization that this push for vaccines will inevitably lead to, because of how one time in 1902 a guy was fined $5 (which would have been about $150 at the time) for not getting a small pox vaccine and then the Supreme Court decided that was okay, and then later said that because the government can compel vaccines, they could also sterilize "undesirables."

Transcript via Media Matters:

It didn't take long for the government to use that new authority, granted by the court, to force other medical procedures on the American population. After the Jacobson decision, the state of Virginia passed a law authorizing the involuntary sterilization of people that the state deemed to be quote "feeble-minded" or "mentally ill." "Undesirable."

In a landmark decision, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, whom we revere most of the time, ruled that the same legal framework that justified mandatory vaccination also permitted the government to sterilize people against their will. He was explicit about the connection. Here's the quote: "The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes," Holmes wrote. By 1930, dozens of American states were forcing women to undergo involuntary sterilization. In the end, more than 60,000 American women were sterilized by the government against their will.

That happened, famously, and we shouldn't be surprised by it. Things like that tend to happen when a distracted, submissive population allows the government to dictate what medical procedures they get, what drugs they take.

NO ONE WANTS TO STERILIZE ANYONE. The state of California literally just paid $30,000 in reparations to any woman who had been forcibly sterilized back when that was a thing they were doing — but Tucker Carlson is arguing that we can't encourage people to get vaccinated against a virus that could kill them because that could lead to eugenics. Except nothing is going to lead to "eugenics" because no one actually wants to do "eugenics" in the first place.

Carlson and others can start worrying about "eugenics" when one single damn person is out there arguing in favor of it. Someone on the Left, anyway — they don't get to complain if it comes from their own side. We can't be held responsible for their nonsense.

But he's not the only person who is worried things are going "too far." His Fox colleague Brian Kilmeade is also concerned and pretty sure that the Biden administration must be up to something pretty nefarious if they are in a panic over people not getting a vaccine for a pandemic he claims is "on the run."

Except the thing is, cases are rising again, "almost entirely among people who have not been vaccinated." And this time, it's the Delta variant, which is more contagious. And as much as it would be easy to say, "Eh, fuck those people anyway, who cares if they get it? Clearly they don't!" the more the virus spreads, the more it will mutate. And the more it mutates, the less effective the vaccines we all just got will be. Not to mention the fact that herd immunity is necessary for immunocompromised people who can't take the vaccine to be safe.

In Tennessee, government officials are backing off a campaign to encourage teenagers to get the vaccine after Republicans claimed that their public relations campaign went "too far" in peer pressuring kids to get the vaccine. The offending ad literally just included pictures of teenagers with the phrases "Tennesseans 12+ Eligible For Vaccines" and "Give COVID-19 vaccines a shot."

As a graduate of the D.A.R.E. program and viewer of various 1990s Very Special Episodes, I expect a much higher standard of peer pressure than that. No one is even making chicken sounds and I am not impressed. The "Not Me Not Now" abstinence commercials that were on when I was a teenager were far pushier.

The moral of this story is that no matter what the Biden administration does, no matter how very gently they encourage morons to get the vaccine, they're going to be accused of brainwashing teenagers and secretly plotting to sterilize people. So you know what? They might as well actually start pushing harder, reconsidering vaccine passports and other measures meant to keep the rest of us safe, because it's going to be the same panic either way with these people.

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