Tucker Carlson to Appear on Dancing With the Stars, Followed by Series of Staight-to-Cinemax Thrillers

Yeah, this video's old. But it's newly relevant!

Hot on the heels of his move back to DC (where people actually pay attention to him) and energetic attempt to seriously take on CNN's The Situation Room, Tucker Carlson will now participate on DANCING WITH THE STARS, the show for people whose careers are as dead as J. Peterman's. Tucker, we kinda like you. Please, don't do this. Chris Matthews would not audition for "The Flavor of Love," Wolf Blitzer will not model for "Project Runway" (Cafferty might, but that guy's just unpredictable). This is one step away from announcing your intention to contribute to "Hot Air." Or guest-edit Wonkette.

(Call us)

Tucker Carlson to be on "Dancing With the Stars" [FishbowlDC]


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