Tucker Carlson Tries To Get Ron Paul Laid

AP071107028871.jpgWho would have guessed that Ron Paul is running the kind of campaign where he would avoid being photographed with a supporter who also happened to be a prostitute. This is what I take away from Tucker Carlson's surprisingly thoughtful New Republicpiece on the Good Doctor. Oh, that and Ron Paul must actually be changing the world because I read something Tucker Carlson wrote and not only did I not want to remove my own eyeballs with something blunt, I almost even enjoyed it.

Tucker spent a few days riding around Nevada with Paul and even though they often had to share close quarters, "legs intertwined" while traveling, Tucker didn't slam Paul against a toilet or anything a single time. In fact, he found the candidate to be a pretty interesting guy, sincere, principled, blah blah blah. By the end of the time the two spent together Tucker was, in fact, questioning his own views on things (granted, they were the same questions that any reasonable freshman in US Government 101 might ask themselves, but let's keep in mind who we're talking about here.)

Also, surprising about Tucker is the company he keeps. Writes the formerly bow-tie clad conservative:

"I wasn't planning on showing up at Paul's press conference with a bordello owner and two hookers, but unexpected things happen on the road."

That's a bit out of context. The brothel owner is, for some reason and old friend of Tucker's, Dennis Hof. Having a reporter's intuition, Tucker suspects that Hof might, just might, lean libertarian. Tucker attributes this to the man's intellect; we'll attribute it to the fact that what he does is illegal everywhere else in the country. In any event, the girls loved Paul so much they wanted to get a picture with him. Instead, they got a frank rejection from Paul's campaign manager. It's not clear from the article how Tucker made it up to them.

Pimp My Ride [New Republic]


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