"Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered" Not Entirely Unwatched

Wonkette aims to please and we do take reader requests. (Though, seriously, I could do convention leftovers all fucking day. Just tell me when to stop!) Anyways, an especially alert public television viewer appears to have seen the Wonkette interview on Tucker Carlson's relatively new show, "Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered." (Guess "Tucker Carlson: Token Conservative" would have been too obvious.) She writes:

Please! I'm dying for gossip about Tucker Carlson! I know I shouldn't admit to having seen his Friday Night PBS show, but his bow tie is now branded on my psyche and I'm dying for a fix. You can't just go on the neo-con TRL and not kiss and tell. Do dish!
First, "Neo-con TRL," while hilarious, is somewhat inaccurate. Tucker is not really a neo-con. And although he did interview Brit-Brit,* he stopped playing music videos on the show after Media Matters started a letter writing campaign complaining about anti-Backstreet Boy bias. As for Tucker dish, what can I say? He's married, has kids, spends his summers in Maine, and he once killed a man. . . with his mind.

*That interview's brief lesson in citizenship is now immortalized in "Fahrenheit 9/11": "Honestly, I think we should just trust our president in every decision that he makes and we should just support that."

Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered [PBS]


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