Tucker Carlson, We'll Miss You!

masthead.jpgThere have been recent rumors about MSNBC canceling Tucker Carlson's show. And guess what? Bowtied Republicans are so pissed off that they are organizing a campaign to save the job of their chest-flashing, crazy dancing, totally not gay preppy pundit. The group, Save Tucker, even has a cute little mission statement.

"Liberals want to save the whales. Environmentalists want to save the Everglades. Conservatives want to save the Confederate flag but we just want to SAVE TUCKER. MSNBC executives are considering cancelling 'Tucker' with Tucker Carlson which airs on MSNBC at 6:00pm EST weekdays. This decision by MSNBC will silence a conservative voice, part of a move by MSNBC to swing left and become "FOX for the Liberals," dropping any pretense of objectivity or balance. Tucker Carlson is a conservative who brings a tone of civility and his unfailing good-humor to political talk television. Quirky and unpredictable, we love Tucker."

So do, we! Totes!


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