Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller Begins To Stuff Its Trayvon Coverage Into The Memory Hole

Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller Begins To Stuff Its Trayvon Coverage Into The Memory Hole

There's no way of knowing whether it wasJoe Scarborough's public shaming of them (it was Joe Scarborough's public shaming of them) but Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller has not only gone almost a whole day without smearing Trayvon Martin's character or calling just about all black people "professional race baiters," it's also begun the painful and arduous task of walking back its horrifying coverage. Their latest story bears what must have been a galling headline to write: New Details Darken Outlook for Zimmerman's Claim of Self-Defense. It is underneath a gigantic piece alleging some sort of ill-defined venality by Sen. Carl Levin for wanting to install electric car chargers at the Capitol. Obviously, you wouldn't want a proper walk-back above the fold.

The very straight article, which obviously wasn't written by star race-baiter Matthew Boyle as there's no way he would have been able to keep the bile from pouring through his fat, sweaty fingers onto your screen, plods along, detailing "new information" and acting as though it were some other outlet that was doing "character vetting" on the 17-year-old Trayvon. Nowhere does it mention the hard-on the site has shown over the past weeks as it smeared a young dead boy with unabashed glee.

Both Martin and Zimmerman have faced a thorough character-vetting process as prominent activists and politicians ensure a continued national focus on the tragedy. Both men share rocky backgrounds, with Martin having been suspended from school on multiple occasions for various reasons and Zimmerman having previous run-ins with the law.

Martin’s disciplinary history showed no sign of physical aggression, though; a fact that offers Zimmerman’s claims of self-defense little support in the court of public opinion.

What little support Zimmerman has found publicly comes from a handful of close friends and family. Of those who aren’t strictly calling for his arrest and prosecution, many are urging a thorough investigation to assess whether Zimmerman rightly defended himself using Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law — or moved to shoot and kill Martin without a justifiable fear that his own life was in danger.

The Daily Caller has yet to note that Travyon Martin's "rocky background" included fishing with his dad and preparing to take the SATs.

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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