Tuesday Nice Time: Barack Obama Totally Cool To Gay Dudes At Black College


With the disastrous tornado yesterday, and the yelling back and forth between the Editrix and various internet peoples, it’s high time we had some Nice Time! And who better to provide it than His Excellency, Guiding Sun Ray, and Dear Leader Barack H. Obama. At a graduation ceremony to all-male, historically black Morehouse College on Sunday, the Prez once again gave a shout-out to the GLBT community. Straying from his prepared remarks in a very subtle way, Obama said, “Be the best husband to your wife, or your boyfriend, or your partner.”

SEE THAT! I hope you didn’t miss it – it was right there – he says to be the best husband to your partner, meaning gay marriage for everyone! Or at least teh gehys, cause no one wants to force gay marriage on anyone, unless we could find a way for Pat Robertson and Beelzebub to get gay married, because they are already BFF assholes who deserve nothing but contempt and the eternal damnation of listening to Nickelback on endless repeat for all time.

But screw them -- back to Nice Time!

This is not the first time that the President has made very public statements in support of our GLBT friends. As we all know, he is the first prezzy to support same-sex marriage, he led the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and straight up refused to defend DOMA in front of the Supreme Court. The dude seriously farts rainbows.

But what makes the librul hearts swell and fill with (gay)pride is the continued use of public forums to reinforce the struggle and acceptance of GLBT Americans into mainstream society. His use of the Stonewall riots in his litany of iconic civil rights moments during his second inaugural address will go down in history as one of the super-happiest, nicest nice times EVAH.

And his willingness to engage the topic at a historically black, all-male college in the buckle of the Bible belt makes us swoon harder than catching the eye of Ol Handsome Joe. Now we are getting our hopes up that he will support the GLBTs in the immigration reform, like we asked for before.

So Three Cheers, Hip Hip Hooray, and a super-duper nice time applause break for the Guiding Star of the 21st Century, Pres. Barack Obama.



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