Turk Says Olympics Turning Ladies To Men, Freepers Torn Between Anti-Feminism And Anti-Turkishness


It is a tradition as old as the Olympics itself: Some idiot notices that muscular women and muscular men, being actual members of the same actual species, look somewhat similar to each other, and declares that sports have brought about the "death of femininity." The misogynist du jour is Turkish columnist Yüksel Aytuğ, whokicked up an online shitstorm with a column titled "Womanhood is Dying at the Olympics," in which he complained about seeing

"Broad-shouldered, flat-chested women with small hips; [they are] totally indistinguishable from men. Their breasts – the symbol of womanhood, motherhood – flattened into stubs as they were seen as mere hindrances to speed."

"I am not even talking about female javelin throwers, shot-put athletes, weightlifters, wrestlers and boxers," Aytuğ said. “Their appearance is just pathetic.”

Aytuğ went on to say that, in distorting the feminine form, sports had perpetrated "violence against women," and ended the column by suggesting that future Olympics reward competitors with bonus points for looking "feminine" during competitions, adding that "Otherwise we will destroy the grace and naïveté of women through the Olympics."

News of the column prompted outrage among readers worldwide, particularly enlightened Western men who condemned Aytuğ's provincial sexism and misogyny while noting that they thought that muscular women athletes were totally hot and fuckable as hell.

A Free Republic post about the column met with mixed reactions. The first comment on the topic simply said "Glad for my semi-anonymity here...the Turk is absolutely right," to which another poster added "I agree with you -- and I’m a woman."

Other Freepers chimed in to denounce Aytuğ's views as "typical Muslim trash"; one wag added that "a Muslim male commenting about women is like Obama commenting about capitalism -- neither knows what he talking about!"

Several posts actually sounded nearly feminist in outlook -- "Just my two cents but these women are ATHLETES. They aren’t runway or swimsuit models. They train, eat, train some more for their chosen sport" -- while others noted that feminism has done more to destroy femininity than any athletic competition could:

I’m perplexed by the idea of femininity anymore. The militant feminists worked for decades to get to this point. Now we’ve got people saying, “Maybe we went too far?” We’ve got media elites looking for rail-thin women to model and are being told that sexpots like Marilyn Monroe were “obese” by “today’s standards.” -- rarestia

Inevitably, the talk turned to the Decline of Masculinity as well:

Far worse, the emasculation of men in the United States has destroyed American male's ability to compete with other nations. Of the 34 medals won by the U.S., 23 of them were won by women....

One look at television, notably the commercials, and the push is on to empower girls (girl power!) and women at the expense of boys and men. Males are marginalized, mocked, belittled, and even slapped by women and no one seems to care nor change this pattern. -- GeorgeWashingtonsGhost

To which another replied,

EXACTLY. The masculinization of women has accompanied the emasculation of men.

This is about the whole society, not the fraction of 1% who are super-athletes.

Our great grandparents sent their daughters to finishing schools, where they would learn the finer points of hospitality and motherhood....and we send ours to soccer camps, where they can learn how to compete, curse, run, sweat, spit and scratch.

I find the wholesale denigration of femininity--with the concomitant emasculation of men--in our culture very sad. -- AnalogReigns

We are unsure how to read one reply to AnalogReigns: "You can't be serious...soccer in [sic] not womanly??" Our guess is that this is more of a "Haw-haw, soccer's so faggy" comment than a defense of soccer as an appropriate sport for women. Another response to the same comment, however, sounded dangerously like someone who's been indoctrinated in the government schools:

So, what you are saying is that females that are athletic and competitive aren’t “real” women? FYI: girls that get involved in a sport usually do better in school. Uh... real school not learning to serve tea or arrange flowers correctly in a vase. “... they can learn how to compete, run, sweat, spit and scratch”. Gosh, women actually exercising and SWEATING! Imagine how stupid these girls are to want to keep their bodies healthy by competing in a sport. -- momtothree

AnalogReigns shot back with impeccable logic:

That’s right, America today is SOOO much better than the America of our grandparents. Other than 60,000,000 abortions, STDs, divorce, fatherless children, poverty, homosexuality, AIDS, gangs, murder-rate...feminism has made us just a grand place.

Would you like some more Koolaid?

To her credit, momtothree called him on the nonsequitur, adding

I suggest you research the benefits of females that compete in sports... read a little about how young women benefit by healthy competition and exercise. Granted, American society has more evils than the times of our grandparents BUT involving young girls/women in sports helps parents reduce the risk of many of these evils.

(We pretty much like momtothree a lot here. We'll just leave before we find out what she thinks about capital punishment, marriage equality, immigration, or That One Alaskan Woman, thanks.)

But really, why all this whining about GIRLS anyway?

Today, it's all about girls, girls, girls. I would HATE to be a boy today. Even the Disney movies are obsessed with 'girl power'; Tangled, Brave, etc.. It's pretty obvious that on a national level females are being 'put in charge' of everything because it's easier for the government to manipulate them. -- GeorgeWashingtonsGhost

We'll close with the lament of a gentleman who was just plain disappointed that even the premier cheesecake event was insufficiently titillating:

I was watching beach volleyball the other day, and just thought the same thing as well. Expecting something nice to watch, but half the time I was just thinking, "Those are some tiny boobies. Sad day." -- Svartalfiar

And so, thanks to the thoughful patriots of Free Republic, we see conclusive proof that USA AMERICA has the superior culture, and only a backwards, crazy Turkish guy would grumble about how the Olympics have made the ladies bazooms all flattened and unladyfied. American exceptionalism takes the gold!

Special thanks to Kid Zoom for alerting us to this story!

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