Twitchy Has Twitch-Fit At Stephen King Failing To Make Obama Villain In All His Novels

Twitchy Has Twitch-Fit At Stephen King Failing To Make Obama Villain In All His Novels

The nine fulltime employees at Twitchy were shocked and outraged because novelist Stephen King said an extremely biased, unfair, and totally offensive thing today! Specifically, the wealthy horror-book machine tweeted a thing about Chris Christie. Hope you're sitting down, because it is hyper-partisan!

On the Bridge Scandal: Impossible to believe Chris Christie's rude & pugnacious attitude didn't filter down to the troops.! No, not the one shambling out of the basement, we mean Stephen King. See, Team Twitchy caught King in a lie: He wrote about Chris Christie, but he completely failed to write about Barack Obama.

Sigh. Oh sweetie. The lack of Obama-awareness is staggering.

Seriously, kids, they have nine paid bloggers.

And so the brave Twitchers struck back, calling King to task for talking about one thing, but not the other thing that they really think is far, far worse:

This is a pretty good game! Hey, Stephen King, why did you write a novel about people in a small town trapped under a force field and unable to get help from outside, instead of a novel about a tyrannical president that stands by and does nothing while terrorists attack brave Americans trapped in an embassy and unable to get the help they need, because the tyrant stands by, watching it all unfold while doing gay sex, but not sending help, and then lying about it, and is a gay muslim socialist? THAT would be a good novel.

Stupid Stephen King. If he were a good writer, he'd have been assassinated by Barack Obama, just like Andrew Breitbart and Tom Clancy were.


Doktor Zoom

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