Twitchy Very Sorry For Calling Pelosi 'Jew-Hating Bitch,' Meant To Quote Someone Saying It

Twitchy Very Sorry For Calling Pelosi 'Jew-Hating Bitch,' Meant To Quote Someone Saying It

We here at Yr Wonkette know we are not Very Serious Journalists, nor do we try to be, because (a) we enjoy telling jokes, which you sometimes even enjoy reading, thank you very much, try the veal and tip your waitress; (b) we have never helped a president lead the country into a bullshit war with our Very Serious Journamalisming, only to print an itty-bitty apology years later that "oops, our bad, we kind of got that all wrong"; (c) we'd much rather let the serious types do the hard work, which we can then quote and make fun of -- but with links, because we are not assholes or PLAGIARISTS, and we have no problem attributing our sources because that is basic interweb etiquette.

Still, we'd like to think we are at least a tiny bit better at doing this internet blogging thing than, oh, say, Twitchy, the brainfart of Michelle Malkin, which is not so much a "blog" as a "place where you can see stupid tweets without just logging into Twitter dot com." Its prime areas of coverage are making fun of LIEbruls who don't sufficiently hate Barack Obama, like this random schmo book-writing guy Stephen King, who writes books, apparently, and has not even once made Barack Obama the villain in ANY of them, and celebrating the GENIUS wisdom of Pat Sajak. Seriously. They love the shit out of Pat Sajak. He is so droll!

Somehow, because the world is a terrible and unjust place where you can make a bazillion dollars by "aggregating" cat pictures and tweets and such, Twitchy actually has (or at least had, who knows, we are not checking) NINE staff "writers" -- NINE! -- and how is that even fair? (It is not.) However, despite its huge staff of "writers" who write SNAP! and BURN! underneath embedded posts, Twitchy has, for the first time ever, made a terrible mistake, and it is very sorry:

Note from the managing editors: The original title of this post did not make clear that it was quoting David Horowitz and we apologize. Twitchy does not endorse that kind of language in politics, and in fact, the site has a long record of condemning it on both sides of the aisle.

We regret that this post was published when a managing editor was not available to review and correct it, and again, we apologize.

Here is the original offensive title, which Twitchy does NOT endorse, and it was a MISTAKE and Twitchy APOLOGIZES, and it only slipped through because the managing editor was busy snorting coke off Michelle Malkin's ass in the break room.

'Jew-hating bitch Pelosi' says Hamas is a humanitarian group

Here is the corrected, not-offensive, managing editor back on duty title:

Horowitz: Qataris tell ‘Jew-hating b*tch Pelosi’ Hamas is humanitarian [corrected]

Doesn't that just make everything better? Now it is clear that Twitchy would never use that kind of language to talk about "idiocrat" Nancy Pelosi, it is just "reporting" the fact that David Horowitz, who is this REALLY important guy, called Nancy Pelosi a QUOTE Jew-hating bitch UNQUOTE, and then some people on the internet were like, "Haha, that's so awesome you said that!" so Twitchy HAD to report it, OBVIOUSLY.

As we here at Yr Wonkette laughed our collective asses off at Twitchy in our Secret Chat Cave, which we do on occasion because everyone needs a hobby, we tried to imagine Twitchy's Secret Chat Cave and its "managing editors" overseeing the brilliant Smart Takes of its nine -- NINE, people! -- writers.

We tried, and we failed, we can imagine quite a bit, but we cannot even imagine that. In conclusion, BRB, we have to go kill ourselves. Again.


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