Twitter Won't 'Verify' Scott Walker Because He's Just a Random Jerk

Twitter Won't 'Verify' Scott Walker Because He's Just a Random Jerk

Famous people like Howard Stern and Rahm Emanuel have "verified" Twitter accounts, meaning they get a little green checkmark next to their name on the Twitter. This serves some purpose, we suppose, for those Twitter users who require assurance that the banal "tweets" from whatever public figure are truly from that public figure (or the public figure's publicity people or personal assistants who actually type the Twitter nonsense). But guess who was refused a Twitter Celebrity Verification? Wisconsin kochsucker Scott Walker, that's who!

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's staff took a break from shitting on police officers and teachers and firefighters last week to request that Scott Walker's stupid Twitter account be verified as the official celebrity account of Scott Walker, the governor from Wisconsin who has dedicated his miserable life to a) taking money from the Koch Brothers and b) loyally following their orders to destroy any trace of fair pay or a decent life for the people who teach kids in public schools.

And Twitter was all, "Die."

We've tried to get the Governor's account verified through Twitter," said a spokesperson for Walker's office yesterday afternoon. The office sent a request to Twitter via fax on official letterhead last week to prove legitimacy of the @GovWalker account, the spokesperson told ClickZ News.

"With all the attention surrounding the Governor…it was kind of important for us to get his account verified. There are a lot of impersonations."

Yet, despite Walker's emergence on the national political stage in the midst of his fight with Wisconsin Senate Democrats and public unions, Twitter turned down the Governor's request.

We bet the Koch Brothers own a website that will verify Scott Walker's account! It's called, we're pretty sure. [ClickZ]


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