Two Americas: Christian Ex-Fatso Is America's New Reagan!

As John Edwards made so clear in his loser speech just now, middle America is kind of poor and pretty angry about slick corporate East Coast sleazebags like opera-loving Manhattan dandy Rudy Giuliani and dog-torturing Mormon multi-millionaire Mitt Romney. That's why folksy Mike Huckabee is the new GOP frontrunner and suddenly plausible Republican nominee.

Huckabee is the White Oprah. He came from humble beginnings somewhere, in the same strange petri dish that created Bill Clinton. And Huckabee was fat. If you want to know how fat, just look at his psychopathic son -- the one who murders dogs, and smuggles loaded guns through airport security.

Mitt Romney only outspent Huckabee's campaign by about $50 million dollars. (Huckabee spent three bucks, and had some coupons from the Pennysaver.) Where is Mitt, anyway? Even Rudy went on CNN to give a high five to Huckabee.

Anyway, 34% for the Huckster, a solid 10% over Richie McRomney. Ron Paul, of course, was somehow kept out of third place by the same globalist anti-gold anti-freedom forces who let Mexicans run loose in our country while Hitlery runs for president.

From Nowhere, Huckabee Prevails [NYT]

Obama and Huckabee win in Iowa [Politico]


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