Two Hearts Bleat as Two

President Bush may have skipped U2's DC concerts this week, but his work wife (one of them, anyway) didn't, at least according to an operative who writes:

There I stood, squished up against the rail on the floor of the U2 concert on the 20th (also was there on the 19th - both shows rocked) when in swirled the Condi and her posse of Secret Service on my left. She conveniently missed Damien Marley's opening act. Anti-Jamaica but pro-Ireland? I would have loved to see her reaction when Bono went on one of his many not so subtle politically charged rants and 23,000 people seemed to be agreeing with him.

Well, maybe, oh, 22,398 or so. Remember, along with Hillary Clinton, John Thune, Mary Bono, Darrell Issa, Eric Cantor, and a few more Republican politicians were using the shows for fund-raising purposes too.

Bono winces, but money chase goes on [The Hill]


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