Two More Down

  • Barack Obama wins the North Carolina primary 56% to 42%, while Hillary Clinton wins Indiana by 51% to 49%. [New York Times, Wall Street Journal]
  • Obama won North Carolina by going positive, playing PIG in a lot of back yards, and lucking into an argument with Hillary Clinton about some moronic gas tax "holiday." [Washington Post]
  • In order to prolong the agony of this primary season for as long as possible, Hillary Clinton will now argue that the nominee needs 2,209 delegates at the convention, not 2,024. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Democratic superdelegates say they'll look at "electability," not which candidate wins the most primary delegates. Yes, apparently a measure that reflects how many people would like you "elected" is not a measure of "electability." [The Hill]
  • The Myanmar cyclone and failing international efforts at alleviating the disaster bring to light how miserable, ineffectual, and oppressive its government is. [New York Times]

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