Two Now Powerless Has-Beens Yelling at Each Other in Books

Today's column from conservative has-been Robert Novak details the epic war of words being waged between conservative has-been Tom DeLay and conservative has-been Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich, who's currently finessing his return to the public eye, is totally called out as a punk-ass bitch in DeLay's new book, No Retreat, No Surrender: Fuck Every Single One of You Motherfuckers.

In describing Gingrich as an "ineffective Speaker," DeLay writes: "He knew nothing about running meetings and nothing about driving an agenda." He adds: "Nearly every other day he had a new agenda, a new direction he wanted us to take. It was impossible to follow him."

Fuck, once everyone knows that Tom DeLay hates him, Newt Gingrich is totally going to be our next president.

The Wrath of Tom DeLay [WP]


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