Two -- or Three -- Martini Lunch

The Note uncovers some truly damning opposition research, sent in an email from the Kerry campaign to Edwards' people:

As his campaign loses steam to a chugging John Kerry in Iowa, there are new questions that MUST be answered about a key development in Howard Dean's past. A glaring inconsistency that has come to light. . .

IS IT TWO? : "In the summer of 1973, Howard Dean III asked Howard Dean, Jr. to join him for dinner at a Manhattan restaurant. Prudently waiting until his father was well into his second Martini, he proceeded to the business at hand: that his life was headed in a purposeless direction … .He had a different scenario in mind: becoming a physician." ("Profiles: Running on Instinct, The New Yorker, January 12, 2004)

OR THREE? On the other hand, Dean says: "I took my father to dinner, fed him three martinis and told him I wanted to go to medical school.." ("What Makes Howard Dean Tick?" Newsweek, July 21, 2003)

We doubt this will make much difference to many voters, though it does shed some light on how Dean wins over supporters. We take ours with a twist, Howard.

The Note [ABC]


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