Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

aunch%27.jpgPolite small talk over cucumber sandwiches and Earl Gray may work for some tea parties, but Janet Huckabee likes talking weapons. During a tea party at the South Carolina governor's mansion, Huckabee told CNN she's pretty good with a grenade launcher. "I have fired a grenade launcher and hit the target two out of three times, so I think that's pretty good odds for me," she said, noting that she had a special interest in military matters and has also jumped out of an airplane, flown in an F-16 and shot an MP5 submachine gun.

(Cue Meatloaf: Now don't be sad... cause two out of three ain't bad.)

"I just was at the National Guard training camp at Camp Robinson and they just said we just want to, you know, introduce you to some of the equipment and some of the military guns that they have. And so one of them happened to be a grenade launcher, and so I shot it, and they said, 'You're good.' And I said, 'Thank you.'"

We're not sure why, but we sort of think there's something sexy about a woman wielding weapons. Issues?

Mrs. Huckabee: 2-for-3 with a grenade launcher [CNN]


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