Two Very Important Things To Know About Disgraced Congressman Rick Renzi

Our hero in happier timesYou know that congressman from Arizona who brought shame on his family of 12 children when he got indicted today in some very complicated scheme that had, unfortunately, nothing to do with attractive lobbyists or underaged congressional pages? Well, there are two things that make his long-anticipated "fall from grace" hilarious even if this scandal is not terribly sexy, gross, or weird.

First, Congressman Renzi is an Arizona state co-chair of the presidential campaign of another well-known liar and sleaze-hound, Mr. John McCain.

Second, when he was allegedly laundering his money he put it into a bank account called "Rain Whisper," which we presume alludes to either the sound of his softly falling tears or the brand of douche he'll be using in prison.

Congressman indicted in Ariz. land deal [AP]

Indictment Renzi, Sandlin, & Beardall(PDF) [Office of the United States Attorney, District of Arizona]


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