Two Volleyballs in Every Garage!

gingrichpainting.jpgFirst he started World War III: Now Newt Gingrich wants to fight it from the catbird seat. The lone Republican White House hopeful who could actually lose to Hillary Clinton is readying his forces for 2008, and the American Spectator's anonymous Prowler has the, uh, scoop? Sure, scoop.

Gingrich had already commissioned a planning memo that is said to read out at more than 100 pages, covering everything from policy development to travel to the need for the former House Speaker to drop a few pounds for all the TV appearances.
If it's anything like dropping a few spouses, Gingrich can knock that off the chore sheet by Thursday.

Newt for President [The New Republic]

Watershed Moments: Getting There [The American Spectator]

-- David Weigel


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