Typical: King Barack Obama Eats Food Like Some Sort Of Person Who Gets To Eat Food

Typical: King Barack Obama Eats Food Like Some Sort Of Person Who Gets To Eat Food

Looks like our arrogant Marie Antoinette the 14th President has gone and lorded it over We The People again,cutting into line at a famous Austin barbeque joint instead of going to the end like he's supposed to. At Franklin Barbeque, where lines often run three to five hours long, the Imperial President said to hell with common decency as if he were a king or a pope or a good president, and just barged right on in:

According to a pool report from The Statesman, Obama said, "I know this is a long line. I feel real bad, but – I'm gonna cut."

Oh sure, Barack. Like you felt bad about BENGHAZI.

What has this country come to, we ask you? You can't even recognize it anymore. WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!!

The Austin Eater blog notes that not even Anthony Bourdain skipped the line when he visited Franklin's, so apparently Barack Obama thinks he's better than Anthony Bourdain. Indeed, restaurant owner Aaron Franklin is pretty sure that Obama is the very first guest EVER to cut in line. And then of course there's the tweets:

We think that first one is actually supportive, but it is apparently from a young person and we just want him to get off our lawn.

More on the Barbeque line-cutting crisis as news develops. We also have scattered unconfirmed reports that the President has on multiple occasion taken the front passenger seat without calling "shotgun."


[Austin Eater / Image: Instagram]

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