U.S., China Now In a Super-Cool SPACE Cold War


So, in 2007, China shot one of its satellites with a missile. Then:

In February 2008, America launched its own “test” strike to destroy a malfunctioning American satellite, which demonstrated to the Chinese it also had the capability to strike in space.

America stated at the time that the strike was not a military test but a necessary mission to remove a faulty spy satellite.

The leaked documents appear to show its true intentions.

Yes, welcome to America's third current war, a cold war with China. Both countries are mad the other will soon be able to shoot down missiles using space and satellites and such, and both are worried the other will shoot down their satellites. And they almost fought each other over it.

We're glad nobody learned the lessons of the last cold war, because this one is going to be super cool and futuristic and Michael Bay, because SPACE. Space! [Telegraph]


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