Uh Oh, Rednecks Gotta Stomp Their Dixie Chicks CDs To Death Again. Your Weekly Dance Party!

He looks better that way.

Oh hey, it is time for our weekly Wonkette Dance Party, where we shuffle our iTunes machine and post the first ten happy funtimes tunes that come up at random. But first, may the Lord have mercy upon all our American souls, for the bawdy, unpatriotic strumpet hussies of the Dixie Chicks have seen fit to besmirch one of our American heroes again. 'Splain us, Tucker Carlson's Amateur Booby Porn Site:

While performing at a concert in Cincinnati, Ohio, this weekend, the all-female band performed in front of a photo of [Donald Trump] with drawn-on horns and facial hair.

The Daily Caller says while that picture was displayed, the girls performed their murder song "Goodbye Earl," which is about a lady who, along with her gal pal, done killed her husband when he got all domestic violence-y. Why must the Dixie Chicks murder our Dear Leader so????

Oh well. Since CDs aren't so much of a thing anymore, and since all the sister-boning rednecks already destroyed their Dixie Chicks memorabilia back in 2003 when Natalie Maines said a mean-mean about George W. Bush, we guess they'll just have to stick their thumbs up their asses and just stew about this one.

Shall we shuffle the iTunes? Here is your list:

  1. Air Supply - "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All"
  2. Daphne Willis - "Slow Down"
  3. Goat - "Golden Dawn"
  4. Bunny's A Swine - "I Should Have Left The Bushes Hours Ago"
  5. Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Andrew Bird - "Shake It And Break It" (orig. by Charley Patton)
  6. Diarrhea Planet - "Enter The Great Gate" / "Babyhead" (live)
  7. Mama Keita - "Tougnafo"
  8. Laura Gibson - "The Rushing Dark"
  9. George Kuhar - "Why Oh Why (Ellen's Song)" (live)
  10. Low - "Will The Night"

Oh heavens, how did that Air Supply get in there? Oh well, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band song makes up for it.

Here is your music:



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