Un-Senator Scott Brown Filled With Twitter Ennui Over Who Knows What


What has old Scott Brown been doing, since he was booted from the Senate by Known Injun Elizabeth Warren? He has been tweeting, for one thing, and now that he does not have taxpayers footing the bill for someone to help him do it, it has gotten very interesting!

He doesn't have any pesky staffers standing in his way now, so he's dispatched with lame hashtags and pictures of things, and gone instead to replying individually to #haters on the #internet. Someone, it seems, reminded him that people read tweets, and he has since deleted them. But fear not — taking screenshots of stupid tweets happens to be a specialty of your Wonkette. JOURNALISMMMM.

We do not remember what those were in response to, but one was about being a gun-grabber and how he should switch parties or something. It was 1 a.m. on a Friday night, what do you want?

MORE TWEETS? Well, that we can deliver!

"Bqhatevwr"? Is that how ODB (Ol' Drunky Brown, obvs) tweets "Whatever" when his thumbs and brain are full of scotch?

Yes, it looks like yes. Anything else?

Well, good on ya, Matt, whoever you are. It might be sarcastic and is definitely not "grammatical," but you got a weird, middle of the night tweet from a former senator who is really bad at campaigning! Congrats.

All of these tweets are gone now, with Mr. Brown perhaps making a rule for himself about tweeting after midnight. You would think he'd have learned after this one:

Two days after his Senate tenure ends, he's lost at Petey's. It's cool. Grover Cleveland got lost at Petey's before he got his political groove back too.

Actually, now that we look at his Twitter page, that background looks... weird. What's he looking at? Does it say he's in the Senate? Luckily, we can get that too:

Any guesses on what the hell that thing is in the middle? It looks like the left cloud-boob has a hand coming out of it, and that might be a navel in the middle of it. Why is Brown staring at it? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL US SCOTT, staring forlornly into mystery internet clouds, tweeting incoherently in the night?


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