It's the trainspotting of "celebrity" journalism, but we can't help it: Once someone pointed out that Maureen Dowd, David Remnick, Rep. Jim Moran, Nina Totenberg, Bob Franken and Roll Call all had listings in today's "Notice of Unclaimed Property" in the WaPo, we couldn't stop looking more Washington folks with, apparently, more money than time. (Clearly, not a problem for us.) Among those who are letting their tax refunds (or whatever) burn a hole in the District's pocket: Postie Howie Kurtz and soon-to-be ex-Postie Mike Allen, Congressional Quarterly, John McLaughlin, investigative reporter "Murrey" Waas and -- are you really surprised -- "Governors, Board, O of the Federal Reserve."

For some reason, none of these names turn up in searches of the official "missing money" website (, but because we're sticklers for hard-nosed reporting and documentary evidence, and because we did just finish the first draft of our book and thus have nothing better to do, we'll post scans of the list in a bit. It is pretty much the even lamer version of scanning the program for the White House Correspondents' dinner. Boy, is it August.

UPDATE: Sharp-eyed readers also spotted Style scribe "Leibovich Mark" -- a fellow Cleveland Parker!


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