Uncomfortable Places

* Trent Lott's counter-terrorism plan: run! [TPM]

* McCain may be broke, but you can bid on the Straight Talk Express which is up for sale on eBay. [Capitol Hill Blue]

* Tom Tancredo vicariously lives the life of a bounty hunter through his good friend Dog, the rapist killer. [Fresh Intelligence]

* The UN gets ready to expand its terrorist re-education program. [Iraq Slogger]

* Sean Penn is in Caracas doing butt sex with Huge Chavez. [Say Anything]

* GOP prezzers are probably going to skip the YouTube debate because all the questions are being sent in from caves in Pakistan. [Wizbang Politics]

* Chickenhawk wingbags know a "moronic, non-issue" when they see one. [Hot Air]

* Obama might send special forces into Pakistan, but Hillary is going to irradiate the whole country for 10,000 years. [Political Wire]


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