Under the Yellow Lemonade Flag

* "And our men try to subdue it / they jump on its back / like overripe plums falling from trees / to tame the horse of the planet." [City Desk]

* Why don't you just walk all the way to the Alternative Transportation Fair, hippie? [CommuterPageBlog]

* Queen Elizabeth: once our oppressor, now our friend. [Yahoo News]

* Ian MacKaye hears dead people. [Idolater]

* "To whoever has our trash cans: I hope you enjoy them. I hope, very soon, you accidentally place something very dear to you in one of them. I hope you then realize that you've done this about an hour after the bins are picked up." [From Harvard Street]

* Hey guys, New Intern #1 did this post! [gregwasserstrom.com]


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