DavidlatThis week's New Yorker outs the author of the deliciously superficial and winkingly naughty judicial blog "Under Their Robes." What's under this blogger's robe must have come as something of a surprise: That catty motherfucker is a boy! David Lat. This, after months of self-references what "she" likes in her hotties of the federal judiciary. Guess John Roberts isn't the only cross-dresser on media's j-dar. Or his he? Lat's response to the NYer piece seems to be wanting to, ah, have it both ways. Lat argues that he is no more the "Article 3 Groupie" who is the blog's narrator than "Vladimir Nabokov 'was' Humbert Humbert." Lat also says that he emails A3G when he has an idea and that he often disagrees with A3G. Wow: such dedication, such consistency. Give that man a book contract. Or some Clozaril. Or maybe a political nomination: "My persistent denials of being A3G have been, in a technical and perhaps Clintonian sense, quite correct." Hell, all of the above. Now if he'd just blog about getting paid for sex...

Picture courtesy of Yale facebook and some equally catty fan.


Article III Groupie: Under Her Robe [UTR]


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