Unemployed Kerry Staffer: Watching Paint Dry

We would like to welcome the Unemployed Kerry Staffer to the ranks of blogdom. We see he's already caught the self-referential bug: "I can't stand the thought of someone coming here just for a one time visit." Congrats, too, on the mention in The Hotline; now all the people who have telex machines know who you are. Next: Conquering the mimeograph-osphere!

Oh, and as for that little anagram game of who-hooked-up-with-whom? We wish we could get more excited. But at this point, caring about who was knocking boots in the Kerry campaign is a little like puzzling out who shot J.R. Unless he's talking about that time Kerry totally made out with Mike McCurry. . . I mean, uhm, yeah. (We've been dying for an excuse to post our pix of that!)

I Love an Audience, So Let's Hook Up [Unemployed Kerry Staffer]


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