Unemployment Rate Falls To 7 Percent, Proving We Must Repeal Obamacare


Folks, it's time to face facts. Obama'splan to destroy the economy has failed. We had high hopes after the first 14 months of Obama's first term, as we reveled in the negative jobs numbers that kept rolling in month after month like an ever-rising tide of sorrow. "Good," we said to Satan, who is our best friend with whom we love to drink blood and other taboo fluids, "Now all we have to do is sit back and wait for Obamacare to finish the job! And if that fails, why, maybe we can hand out some more poisoned money to GM and the big banks! Ha! Ha!"

Well, so much for that. The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released the jobs report for November, and it's bleak. 203,000 new jobs. The lowest unemployment rate (7%)  since December 2008. That makes 45 straight months of job growth, and this time they're not even all at McWal-Burger Hospice Warehouse: The only sectors that declined were information (-1,000) and financial (-3,000). Not only are we adding jobs, but the sector most capable of screwing everything up again shrank the most! 

It's more of a mixed bag for our evil Plan B of growing the government so that it can better oppress us and destroy our freedoms, as overall government employment grew 7,000. However, all that growth was in state and local governments, and most of that growth was from hiring -- get this -- teachers. The federal government lost 7,000 workers, continuing a trend that's seen the federal government shrink by 92,000 jobs over the past year. People, we are trying to grow the government. So it can suffocate us, remember? Jeez...

The New Yorker tries to cheer us, suggesting underlying weakness in the job market:

the labor-force participation rate—i.e. the percentage of working-age, non-institutionalized adults who are working or looking for work—was 63 per cent in November. A year ago, it was 63.6 per cent. In December, 2007, when the recession began, it was 66 per cent. Despite the recent pickup, the economy isn’t creating enough jobs to persuade early retirees and other discouraged workers who have given up searching for work to return to the labor force.

Thanks, New Yorker, that's something, at least. But what if many of those people are enjoying their lives of idleness and sloth? And what are we going to do about all these jobs being added? Maybe we could raise the minimum wage? No, that might help more people than it would hurt, and there's little good evidence that doing so would even reduce employment! Ugh, why is it so hard to ruin America from within!?

Guess we'll just keep going with the gay marriages and the abortions and the not going to church anymore and hope for the best.

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