Union Station Burns!


Firstthe riots, now the fires. Thanks a lot, Obama! Wonkette operative "Patrick W." reports, "I guess there's a fire inside union station RIGHT NOW, probably set by retreating tourist mobs. But don't worry, it's probably only garbage, that they disposed of in piles on the ground. Either that or the riots in SW have migrated very fast."

We also got a scary email from "Maggie," about this terror:

Dear Wonkette,

My friend said just got evacuated from Union Station and wanted to see if I could check the news and see if there was anything about it, but I haven't seen anything. Do you know if Union Station why they were just evacuated? Hopefully nothing serious!



Newell is on the way! And with Andrew Sullivan's help, they will vomit this fire out!

UDPATE: Grease fire, at McDonald's, of course. "We had a wonderful time," some tourist tells the Washington Post, the end.


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