Unitary Executive Theory, Palin Edition

  • Early voting totals suggest we'll have another record turnout this election, especially if Mickey Mouse keeps showing up at the polls. [CNN]
  • Home sales are finally picking up again in some parts of California, but prices continue to drop, so no good news here folks. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Many parents with health insurance can't afford coverage for their kids. [Washington Post]
  • Despite his natural affinity with old people, John McCain is losing this crucial voting demographic to Barack Obama because the economy sux. [Bloomberg]
  • Now that the credit markets have improved a wee bit, the international stock markets are tanking again -- this time because investors are concerned about low earnings this quarter, which DUH. [AP]
  • Sarah Palin thinks she'll get to run the Senate, just like President Cheney did. [ABC News]

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