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That's ostensible born-again Christian Tom DeLay and ostentatious, drunken God-hater Christopher Hitchens making nice with each other at the Hill's book fair last week! Some puckish individual thought it would be funny to sit them next to each other and watch them squabble about religion or something. Little did they know that Hitch's hatred of all gods would dovetail nicely with DeLay's hatred of the Muslim god and they'd have a high old time together while hawking their lame books.

Flash-forward to the 2:30 mark on the video to see Hitchens call the Iranians "faith-based scumbags" who will "not take over Mesopotamia" (NOT ON HITCH'S WATCH!) while DeLay cackles appreciatively. Sadly, this video does not capture any of the reportedly multiple occasions in which Hitchens bellowed "These colors don't run!"

The whole event was apparently a big political elite reacharound anyway, in which supposed bitter enemies yukked it up with each other. DeLay gave a copy of his book to Representative Patrick Kennedy, who filed a RICO lawsuit against the Hammer in 2000. Terry McAuliffe gave a copy of his crappy book to DeLay, inscribed to "my favorite right-wing nut. Keep up the fight and get ready for President Hillary Clinton!" Afterwards, everyone went down to the secret underground chamber from which the world is actually run, enjoyed snifterfulls of the finest brandy, and waited for their alien overlords to appear on the giant viewscreen and give them their latest instructions.

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