Univision Not Going To Air Ad Telling Brown People They Shouldn't Vote


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/QKFAiMbm1Fc?fs=1&hl=en_US expand=1]

A Hispanic Republican group made an ad telling Nevada Spanish-speakers not to vote this year because the Democrats in Congress haven't made good on their promises to do stuff. You know, that's a pretty valid sentiment! But of course this came from Republicans, so we all see why they are actually telling the brown people not to vote. This ad was going to go up on Univision, a teevee channel that broadcasts directions to illegal immigrants on how to set up Sharia law in the United States, but this group made the mistake of putting up the English-language version of this ad you see above on YouTube, where gringo journalists could see and understand it. And now Univision will not broadcast this brilliant ad that would have given Sharron Angle the margin she needed to be elected your next Senate Majority Leader.

“Univision will not be running any spots from Latinos for Reform related to voting," said a spokeswoman for the network, Monica Talan, in an email. "Univision prides itself on promoting civic engagement and our extensive national campaigns encourage Hispanics to vote.”

You see, Sharia. They are trying to institute Sharia so that anchor babies are legal.

By the way, the English version of the ad is somehow 30 seconds shorter than the Spanish one. Perhaps they really do talk faster? That must be hard for their pundits, coming up with 50% more bullshit. [Ben Smith]


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